Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a longer, healthier life

Known to be one of healthiest exisiting oils. Not only does it provide essential nutrients, there are also endless health benefits to be gained by including it in your diet. Olive oil is the cornerstone of the Mediterranean diet, an essential nutritional ingredient for the world’s longest-living cultures.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a great source of antioxidants such as, polyphenols and vitamin E, these antioxidants help to create a natural barrier protecting the body from free radicals involved in cell generation and fundamentally, the aging process. The natural antioxidants found in olive oil are significant in slowing down this process.


Olive oil is a fat, fat is essential and beneficial in the diet to act as for example, a source of energy, to improve nerve and brain function , and the cardiovascular system. Olive oil is composed of 98% triglycerides, the most common found fat in our foods, within this there are Oleic, Linoleic and Palmitic acids. Oleic Acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid essential for life and general health and Linoleic acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid known specifically for its Omega 6 content. Depending on the variety of Olive the quantity of these acids changes. In our Picual variety you will find 80% Oleic acid. It is components such as these that support the studies suggesting Olive Oil is one the healthiest fats we can consume.

Oil of Mallorca (Denomination of Origin since 2002)

Oil of Mallorca, is a local agricultural product native to the Island. It´s characteristics are defined by the geographical environment in which it is produced including both natural and human factors. The production, processing and transformation of the Oil of Mallorca takes place in a specifically defined geographical area. All of these elements combined fulfill the necessary requirements set by the European Unions regulations of original agricultural products. As such it is with pride that Oil of Mallorca has recieved this prestigious distinction.

With this distinction, The Oil of Mallorca is marketed, packed and sealed with a seal of guarantee from the Regulatory Council. You can find the registration number of the designation of origin on the packaging.